Main project activities


- ice-breaking activities on skype.
- first stage of the project.
- project student teams and their leaders with the objectives,
- structure and expected results of flipped classroom.
- sample lessons based on ready-made video resources in Khan Academy and Youtube.
- - lessons shown must be in English


- teacher training session in Poland.
- 1. The objectives, structure and expected results of flipped classroom model;
- 2. How to use the software applications for video podcasts and screencasts creation ( e.x. Jing, Screencast-o-matic, PlayPosit, Camtasia;
- 3. Creating films with the use of Smooth Draw (useful particularly for Maths instructions full of geometrical drawings)
- 4. Programs for evaluative classes ( creating quizzes for tablets in the Socrative app);
- 5. Advanced filmmaking techniques ( Magis, Audacity, GoAnimate, PowtoonEdu, iClone, Wideo.co)
- 6. Guidance on the choice of tablets and software for the project work ;
- 7. Useful project platforms and their tools-Evernote, Edmodo, Cloud , Wiki, Admin Project


- introduce all students involved in the project to the project platform ( Evernote or Edmodo etc)
- design a project logo (each school prepares a draft and we all vote for the best one.
- the second stage of the project.


- sample lecture recordings , simple films based on mobile phone filming and picture slideshow presentations (in English)


- use Smooth Draw for producing high quality pictures.
- picture dictionary of Maths/Chemistry or Business /Finance terminology

MARCH 2017

- pictures or film nature outside of classroom.
- slideshow or screencast presentation with audio / video on a biological, ecological or geographical aspect.

APRIL 2017

- Blended mobility in Italy: Students will give tool-torials on a chosen application';
- comic book templates, cartoon style video apps to create instructional films about customs in their own countries.
- briefing on successful speaking in public
- debate about advantages and disadvantages of the preservation of customs and traditions.

JUNE 2017

- Students engaged in filmmaking, produce films about their countries. Location, history, geography, population, politics, religion could be the aspects they expand on. (Films must be in English)


- evaluative class based on Socrative or Kahoot quiz creation.
- Groups of students test each other’s knowledge on a one-year course from the previous grade in a chosen subject ( for example: Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Business Studies or any other vocational subject, Foreign Languages).
- The third stage of the project
- Teachers choose a subject they flip in a more extended dimension. They conduct classes in their own languages.


- Blended mobility in Hungary: Students prepare and perform mini-plays on how to learn the basics of their languages. (for example the Italians make a film on basic Italian grammar or lexis while the Lithuanians will “teach” Lithuanian. Then inverted classes are held. Students read the instructions ‘at home’ and practice speaking foreign languages in class.


- flipped courses continue.

JUNE 2018

Blended mobility in Poland:
-first aid video manuals , exercises based on PlayPosit application.
- exchange the exercises and learn the theory.
- apply the theory in practical tasks.
-school meeting summarizes the project.
- competition on the best instructional tools done during the project.
- vote for the most creative film.
- trip to Toruń, visit to Institute of Science and to the Planetarium
- conference presentingresults to the representatives of local political and educational authorities.
-film about the project
- publication about the project