Creating e-learning trainings and interactive screencasts in the program Camtasia Studio

by Krzysztof Kwaśniewski

Do you want to create multimedia e-learning trainings?

You are considering the implementation of the method of flliped classroom?

Do you want to spice up your own trainings created on Moodle platform?

Are you planning a lot more to involve your students in the learning process?

Why is it worth learning to use Camtasia Studio?

Camtasia Studio is one of the most popular programs in the world to record screencasts, video lectures and on-screen instructions. The program is also ideal for the montage of audio and video materials.
One of the unique features is the ability to add test questions to videos and the publication of materials to SCORM format; such prepared resources can be easily added to the e-learning platform such as Moodle.

To whom is the training addressed?

The training is addressed to lecturers and teachers of primary schools, junior high schools and high schools.

How long is the training?

Option 1 - basic training - 7 hours (1 day)
Option 2 - advanced training - 14 hours (2 days)

In what form does the training take place?

The training takes place in the form of practical workshops in the computer lab.

How many people can take part in the training?

Due to the nature of the training workshop the number of the group shouldn’t exceed 15 people. Recommended number is 10-12 people.

What should you know before the training?

The participants should be fluent in the computer. It is also advisable to know how to create presentations in PowerPoint at advanced level

Topics discussed during the training

• How to record a video lecture based on a presentation made in Power Point?
• How to record lectures Khan Academy-style?
• How to implement step-by-step the method of (flipped classroom?
• How to provide feedback and check students' work using screencasts?
• How to create interactive and multimedia e-learning training sessions, which can be instantly published on Moodle?
• How to prepare the onscreen instructions in any school subject?
• How to "cut out " breathing sounds and unnecessary pauses from the recording?