TPM in Lithuania


- general plan for the whole project is written; after the training all the partners start making their first films;
- assess the first stage (using ready- made Khan Academy films and first phone-based films),
- plan work for January- June2017 period-discussing the purchase of tablets and software for Maths drawings, choosing techniques for tool-torials (each school will present them at blended mobility in Italy),
- preparing the activities schedule for BM in Italy;
- discussions on the frequency of flipping , subjects flipped and methods and tools of evaluation, promoting and disseminating methods;
- summing up the competition for the project logo,
- decisions on how to run project fanpage on social networking site,
- media coverage for the beginning of the project,
- decision whether project page is to be created, instructing on obligations as to the reporting system on Erasmus Results Platform;

Schedule TPM Lithuania

TPM in Greece

3 -5 June 2017

- statistics from the final stage gathered and analysed,
- drafts of final reports written,
- dissemination of final results discussed,
- close-up meeting planned, calculating the expenditures,
- setting the deadlines for final budget settlement

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